Illustrating the disconnect between food Insecurity & food bank use

We worked with PROOF, a food insecurity research team based out of the University of Toronto, to develop their branding, provide direction on social media content, design infographics and reports, and redesign their website.


PROOF, University of Toronto


Graphic Design/Illustration
Report Layout
Content Creation
Website Design


Fact Sheet
Social Media Package

About the Project

PROOF asked for a bold design to elevate their brand and differentiate their work from traditional food-based initiatives and charities. The goal was to call attention to their research which reframes food insecurity as a policy failure, rather than an issue to be solved by food charity alone.

Mock up of the Household Food Insecurity in Canada for 2017 and 2018
Illustration showing the disconnect between Food Insecurity & Food Bank Use

What We Did

We chose a bold colour scheme for their branding so their infographics would stand out on social media and leave a lasting impression during conference presentations. We designed a graphic illustrating the disconnect between food insecurity and food bank use in Canada. We also designed a suite of eye-catching factsheets and reports, highlighting PROOF’s latest research.

Our communications team provided advice for PROOF’s online presence, including content for their Twitter account and website. We reviewed website analytics for their existing website and held a discovery session to determine PROOF’s communication goals. We then redesigned their website to better highlight their most popular content – their latest research and data.v

Lists of PROOF's factsheets on Food Insecurity
A screenshot of PROOF website on food insecurity

"Hub Solutions is an important partner in PROOF's knowledge translation efforts, supporting our push to make research on household food insecurity more impactful and accessible. Their skilled team, understanding of research, and extensive knowledge in communications and design have helped us advance the public discussion of food insecurity as a potent social determinant of health and problem requiring income-based policy interventions to solve." - Valerie Tarasuk, PROOF, University of Toronto


A strong brand presence will help PROOF’s work stand out from the rest, and a streamlined website will make sure website visitors can easily find the latest research.

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