Mobilizing Action on Housing Equity

The Office of the Federal Housing Advocate commissioned us to copyedit and revise the translations for multiple reports, totalling 26 bilingual reports. We supported their social media mobilization and ensured our PDFs complied with accessibility.


Office of the Federal Housing Advocate (OFHA)


Copy Editing
Translations Revision
Summary Writing
Knowledge Mobilization
Accessibility (AODA)
Website Services


Accessible PDFs

About the Project

The Federal Housing Advocate is an independent, nonpartisan watchdog for the human right to housing in Canada. Her mandate under the National Housing Strategy Act (NHSA) is to hold government accountable to address housing need and homelessness in Canada. The Advocate amplifies the voices of those affected by these issues and makes recommendations to enhance housing laws and policies. Additionally, the Advocate conducts in-depth analysis and research to inform her reviews of systemic housing issues. The Office of the Federal Housing Advocate (OFHA) is located within the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

We were commissioned by the OFHA to publish their research reports. These reports were developed by experts to advise the Advocate about systemic housing issues in Canada and to inform her review of these issues and her recommendations to the federal government. We ensured that the final PDFs of each report complied with the rigorous accessibility standards outlined in the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). 

What We Did

We took on copyediting the English versions of their reports, which included the financialization of housing, encampments and human rights, and security of tenure. For the security of tenure series, for example, we drafted a thirty-page summary of the seven reports and condensed the research through a blog post. We also reviewed the provided translations for quality and accuracy. To date, we have worked on a total of 52 reports, including the translated versions. We host these reports, as well as others that we did not edit, on the Homeless Hub. 

To mobilize this project, we provided social media support that promoted each report series through our channels.

“Hub Solutions has been an invaluable partner in the mobilization of OFHA’s research and the Advocate’s recommendations. OFHA’s bilingual research reports have been greatly enhanced by the Hub Solutions team’s subject matter expertise on housing and homelessness, their ability to edit in English and French, and their skilled production of accessible documents that fulfill rigorous AODA standards. Hub Solutions has also enabled OFHA to communicate with key audiences through the broad reach of their website, newsletter, and social media platforms.” - Emily Paradis, Office of the Federal Housing Advocate.


Thanks to the OFHA’s efforts in submitting these projects, our team was able to copyedit summary reports that encapsulate the dimensions of housing issues in Canada. These reports helped to inform the Advocate’s identification of systemic housing issues for review. Our team refined these documents for public consumption, a critical step in broadening the impact of the research and advocacy on these issues. 

Building upon this foundation, we are actively mobilizing efforts to stimulate tangible action and advocacy towards affordable housing for individuals and families in Canada. Our goal is to empower stakeholders to implement positive changes in housing policy and practice, drawing directly from the recommendations outlined in each project.

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