Mobilizing research on low-barrier, gender-specific drop-in programs

We worked with the This Is Not Home (TINH) research team, led by Sistering, to mobilize lessons learned from their research on low-barrier, gender-specific drop-in programs and participants who access these services.


This Is Not Home, Sistering


Graphic Design/Illustration
Report Layout
Content Creation
Training Development


Report Summary
Fact Sheet
Policy Brief
Social Media Package

About the Project

We worked with the TINH research team to develop concepts, design, and mobilize their research. We identified the key audiences for their research as workers in the homeless-serving and housing sectors and policy makers.

What We Did

We designed resources targeted to their key audiences. The use of neon signage throughout the designed resources is reminiscent of vacancy signs often associated with motels. This is in reference to a key research finding that 48% of participants stayed in a hotel or motel while experiencing homelessness.

To mobilize this knowledge, we created a full scale social media campaign, complete with a package of shareable content for partners to use.

To help make this research even more practical, we co-developed a self-paced, online training with TINH to help workers in shelters, drop-ins and other services audit their accessibility and identify housing and supports that are safe, accessible and appropriate for women and gender-diverse people.

“Working with Hub Solutions was an absolute JOY! The team are skilled innovators who are collaborative (and patient) beyond words.” - Aoife M., This Is Not Home Project Lead, Sistering


Thanks to the collaborative partnership between Hub Solutions and TINH, we produced several knowledge products and a training for the sector to further mobilize this work.

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