The Efficiency of Zero Ceiling’s Work 2 Live Program for Sustainable Employment

We partnered with Zero Ceiling (ZC) to evaluate their Work 2 Live (W2L) Research and Innovation project. The goal was to understand the support needs of the W2L program for fostering inclusive and sustainable employment.


Zero Ceiling


Evaluation framework
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Framework evaluation

About the Project

ZC is committed to reducing and ending youth homelessness in Whistler, British Columbia. A method of accomplishing this is through their Work 2 Live (W2L) program, which offers comprehensive support for young people transitioning into independent living. ZC is currently engaged in a Research and Innovation project, with Royal Roads University, that evaluates ways to expand, research, and document the W2L program.

We partnered with ZC to evaluate the Research and Innovation project and provide an in-depth understanding of the elements that youth and community stakeholders need for inclusive and sustainable employment.

What We Did

In the first stage of the evaluation, we developed a framework that outlined eight specific outcomes for the subsequent evaluation. This framework includes tailored questions, relevant indicators, data collection methods, and data sources. Using a qualitative approach, we examined similar programs across Canada, and analyzed data from program documents, consultations with staff, and research teams to identify outcomes. Interviews were conducted, with detailed notes taken by our research team.

"The team at Hub Solutions were an invaluable partner in our project evaluation. Our goal was to understand the true impact we’re making for youth facing homelessness, and we were so grateful to benefit from the deep expertise, rigour, and curiosity of the Hub Solutions team. We felt we could really trust them and appreciated the collaborative, empathetic, and responsive way we worked together. Thanks to our partnership, we feel more confident than ever about the impact of our programs, and what we can do better to make a bigger impact for youth." - Zero Ceiling.


Based on the findings, the W2L program stands out as unique both within Canada and globally, offering robust support to its young participants. Notably, the program witnessed substantial growth from 2019 to 2023, marked by a rise in staffing from just one employer in 2019 to 14 permanent employees by 2023. Moreover, ZC demonstrated efficacy in addressing the needs of its participants, with youth and employees expressing high levels of satisfaction due to the comprehensive support provided.

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